Say No To The Poncho

Non Poncho Wearers UNITE!!!! Join with us as we try to educate the public about this fashion disaster called....THE PONCHO!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Some necessary stuff!

Hey there all!
I have been getting some comments on and about this webring and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. Regardless I have taken off the ability to leave any comments here becaue in all honesty I dont want to hear it!!!
If you are a poncho lover...more power to you! Fine by me! This webring is for those of us myself included who do not care for ponchos and we are entitled to our opinion too. No one is forcing you to join here so please keep any negativity regarding this webring to yourself.
And as an aside...I have said it before...I started this as a little tongue in cheek, fun type of webring not to offend and yes I did say I would approve any one who applied cause this is supposed to be fun!!! That said if please join us if you like...the more the merrier but if you have any negativity whatsoever please keep it to yourself!