Say No To The Poncho

Non Poncho Wearers UNITE!!!! Join with us as we try to educate the public about this fashion disaster called....THE PONCHO!!!!!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Thanks for all who have joined the cause! Woohoo!!!
Just some housekeeping stuff...
1. PLease if you are going to move your blog, update your info at Ringsurf so we can find you.
2. If your code is not correct on your blog, I sent you an email with the correct code and I have moved you back to the Queue. PLease correct your code. No one likes dead links on a ring. You only need to put the code in for "next" "previous" and "Join". Feel free to take the button on the sidebar just save it to your own server. Bandwidth stealing is a nono!
3. If you do not want to be in the ring anymore, No problem! Just either let me know or delete yourself from the ring.

Thanks to everyone!!!